No Coast Cannabis

No Coast Cannabis offers some of the most unique edibles and baked goods on the planet


The Background.

No Coast Cannabis Co came to life from the founders vision to create a line of edibles and flavoring the market had not seen before. Midwest CannaFactory brought in our Sous Chef baker, Nathel Anderson, who brings 17 years of experience, to create some never before seen edibles. Nathel came back to the founders of No Coast with 2 lines of products: Pate de Fruit gummies and Polvoron Filipino cookies.

Step 1: Product Development

To make an edible that's never been done before requires creativity, and no one can come up with culinary products better than a Sous Chef like Nathel.

  1. Inspired by a classical French confection, Pate de Fruit gummies bring a new, fun, jelly like texture. Flavors are inspired by dessert combinations from Nathel's baking days.
  2. Filipino Polvoron cookies bring something new to baked goods - the flour is toasted and ingredients are combined and pressed into little coins. These cookies have a texture unlike any other edibles out there.
  3. Flavor profiles include: Strawberry Reverie, Raspberry Velour, Pineapple Reign, Vanilla Pear'adise and Sweet Ube, Golden Milk, Malted Chocolate, and Brown Butter.

"A lot of edible flavors are one-dimensional and don't stimulate people's pallet. Edibles are meant to be tasty on top of packing a punch, so we looked to exciting flavor profiles to stand out in a crowded edibles market".

Step 2: Branding

With brand new flavors and taste profiles, the next step was to cultivate a brand to match.

  • Performed brand exercise to define vision, audience, identity, and voice
  • Established key partnerships and collaborators
  • Designed packaging to stand out and showcase brand ethos

Step 3: Sales & Distribution

Similar to other brands Midwest CannaFactory has launched, No Coast Cannabis Co focused on two revenue streams: ecommerce online orders and wholesale orders.

  • Leveraged existing distribution relationships to get in-stores right at launch
  • Established custom checkout on ecommerce site to drive conversions and sales
  • Focused on email workflows to improve average order value, repeat purchases, and establish brand loyalty.
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No Coast Cannabis Co had commitments from over 10 dispensaries before launch. Since launch, they've grown 20% month over month.

  1. 10+ accounts pre-launch
  2. Email workflow revenue of $10,000+ per month
  3. 20% average revenue growth month over month
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