Fizzy THC

Fizzy THC launched on 4/20 and scaled to 50 accounts and 200 online customers in 90 days


The Background.

Fizzy THC came to life shortly after the rise of cannabis beverages in Minnesota. The founders identified a gap in the market and created a first-of-its-kind product to the cannabis space. Fizzy THC developed a dissolvable beverage tablet that infuses shoppers favorite drinks with cannabis - the perfect additive to cannabis beverages.

Step 1: Product Development

The founders came to our manufacturers to create something novel. With help on the formulation, our team was able to bring their vision to life.

  1. Created patented formula with MIT researchers for a beverage enhancer that can dissolve in any cold beverage.
  2. Established procedure to mass product tablets and be ready for scale before launch.
  3. Created tangential products to go-to-market, such as sugar cubes and mints.

"Creating something that's never existed before is exciting, but also a bit scary. You have no idea how people would react to it, or if they'd even like it. But with the help from Midwest CannaFactory, we were able to create a premium product that our targeted segment of shoppers love".

Step 2: Branding Workshop

With the product formula and production in place

  • Created brand vision and mission to help create an ideal customer profile.
  • Worked on packaging and in-store marketing collateral.
  • Created a custom built Shopify site to bring brand to life.

Step 3: Go-to-Market and Distribution

With the product solidified and online presence established, the final step was to drive sales and conversions.

  • Account mapping workshop to identify key accounts to target.
  • Blended approach of wholesale orders and ecommerce orders.
  • Created incentive programs and email campaigns to drive repeat purchases.
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In a total of 4 months, Fizzy THC developed a novel product, created a brand, and brought it to market.

  1. 40 wholesale accounts spanning from dispensaries to liquor stores.
  2. 200 online customers
  3. Patented product, ensuring competitive moat.
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