Hemp House

Hemp House was voted Minnesota's Best Dispensary in 2022 after being open for a year



Hemp House MN started off as a Delta-8 cart manufacturer. With early success, Hemp House MN snagged a retail location to open up their first storefront. After opening, Hemp House was in the right place at the right time, as Minnesota legalized the sale of Delta-9 THC edibles, drinks, and products. With this rush in demand came challenges with growth. Particularly, Hemp House wanted to engage with more customers online and grow their digital presence, which is when they turned to Midwest CannaFactory.

Step 1: The Brand

The first part of our process was to nail down the brand identity and ethos of Hemp House.

  1. What is the customer centric added-value of Hemp House products?
  2. Who are the key target groups?
  3. What are Hemp House's brand values?
  4. What's Hemp House's unique selling position

"Bringing a brand to life is all about creating a story that your target audience can identify with and rally around. People want to relate to the hero in a brand's story and that's what we wanted to pull out of Hemp House - what is this journey you're taking your shoppers on?"  

Step 2: The Online Presence

Once Hemp House had their brand guidelines and ethos in place, the next step was to bring the vision to life online.

  • Custom built Shopify website optimized for conversions
  • Implemented SEO strategy, focusing on purchase intent keywords
  • Focused on unique selling positions, such as 2-day delivery, and 2-hour delivery to help with conversion rate optimization

Step 3: The Distribution

With the brand defined and online presence in place, the final step was getting in front of the right people.

  • Set up Klaviyo email workflows and campaigns to capture traffic that failed to convert
  • Overhauled organic social to be less sales/product focused and more lifestyle focused
  • Established playbooks for events and built up direct channels such as billboards and direct mail to widen customer base.

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After a year, Hemp House was named Best Dispensary in Minnesota, winning the 2022 Legacy Cup.

  1. 5,000 net new customers in 12 months
  2. Over $3 million in revenue generated
  3. 25,000 website visitors per month
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